Thursday, November 30, 2006

HNT Caribbean style

A thousand pardons my friends! Apparently people mistook the tone of my last few posts to indicate depression, anxiety, unhappiness and general malaise. This is not at all the case. I'm happier than ever, healthier than ever (as far as I know) and generally rocking in the real world. To my mind my daily trials and tribulations are not especially pertinent to the average person. This blog was meant to be more about my creative pursuits and the progress thereof which, I hope, is more interesting than "Today is my 46th day sober." or "Woohoo! I've lost 25 lbs and am down to 175!" or "Today I'm having a mood swing. I feel so (fill in the emotion)." However I profoundly thank you, my friends, lovers and countrymen for your continued support and concern for my well being. I cherish you all. The band is going well and CD recording starts next weekend. Now a word about today's HNT. Here you see me in my element. Caribbean ocean? Check. Hawaiian shirt? Check. Shorts & sandals? Check. Sailboat? Check. Cold beverage? Check. Hot babe? Check. She took the picture. The only thing missing is a guitar! I hereby solemnly promise that next week I will post a Brand New Picture of me in all my glory at my new fighting weight at least half nekkid. HHNT y'all!


S said...

Hi Andy Love that pic, you look so relaxxxxedd!

Ok between you me and Tommy Gunn, we have lost....about 90-100 pounds or something like that...
I've lost 35 now.

I have an idea for a post on my blog that I want to do and I need you for it!
It will be called, "Big Losers HNT", and that is us!
Send me a before and after pic and I will post you next week....and me, and Tommy too.
Ok no naughty pics though, cuz Mr Ratburn wont like it! I am posting my love handles and huge butt and then no love get the picture....
No weenies, no asses, ok?

lime said...

that's a greta pic andy, love it. wish i were there right now!

rock on, dude!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Please don't apologize for posting an old pic, this is one of my absolute favorites of you, I've never seen it and it's awesome!!!!


Anonymous said...


I saw the net and immediately thought....OOOH!! I caught a hot guy!!!


Can't wait to see next weeks pic!

Anonymous said...

awesome!!!! BEST ONE YET ANDY!! WOOT!

keda said...

love this bright joyful pic!

i'm glad things are looking up (mostly).

happy hnt babe.

Leesa said...

Looks wonderful!!

Phain said...

hot legs? CHECK! *~*happy hnt*~*

Green Eyes said...

That's an awesome pic, Andy! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Awesome picture! I am glad youa re so happy!!! You look great :)


Suze said...

Andy, I love this shot, you look so contented.

Happy HNT sweetie ;)