Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Poor Poor Pitiful Me

Rare twice in one day post. I'm ashamed of myself. What in this Good God's Green Earth am I bitching about? I annoy myself no end with these pitiful rants. Oh why oh why?!?! Why aren't I a fabulously rich and famous rockstar, moviestar, author, photographer and painter yet??! Where are my beautiful children and my beautiful wife? My beautiful home? My 3 porsches in the driveway? Fuck's sake! Such proto-typical American rich white upper middle class white boy blues bullshit! I disgust me. Especially considering that whatever perceived lack of accomplishment may be plaguing me I brought myself to this place. No one is responsible for my failings as a human being but me and my vice chasing ways. A sober and god fearing man would be grateful for all the wonderful gifts I posess. I have health (excepting where I've damaged it myself), a job, a place to live, a car and money for gas. I have talent and brains and not the worst looks in the world. Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord. Um...that is all.


lime said...

alright ya ended with thanks. that's a good thing.

for what it's worth here's what ya gotta do.

first since you front a blues band ya gotta write a really seriously cheeky song about the upper middle class white boy blues. make fun of yourself. and then ya gotta perform it publicly so your audience can laugh its ass off and every time they do you'll laugh with em.

then ya gotta go do something for people who could use the hand up. do it regularly.

dr lime's orders. let me know where to bill ya for my consultation.:P


Tai said...

Yeah...wear ARE my 3 Ferrari's, that's what I want to know.
When you find them can you let me know, my driveway is lookin' pretty bare.

Anonymous said...

talent and brains, huh?
LOL, j/k.

ALRO said...

No doubt you play the guit far better than me ! ;)
I have to work at it still...
Besides -- Music ain't about the money man ;) it's about the rush! Chase the rush - and everything falls into place one way or another!

Keep Rockin'