Tuesday, November 21, 2006

New Day

Okay, Okay, Okay, Okay. It's a new day. I'm a bit less cranky than yesterday. I had to get a new post up here to offest yesterday's bitch fest. I new better than to post that really but when has that ever stopped me? Besides what the hell is this thing even here for if I can't use it to vent my annoyance at myself and the world once in a while? Living on coffee and nicotine isn't a strategy for wellness no doubt. So fuckin' sue me.
Anyway it's Tuesday and that means that after the gym tonihgt I'm going to the blues jam and venting my frustrations by giving the beautiful Mary her first work out in public. Ima hammer that biatch like a $20 whore in a porn film. How's THAT for an image. Yeah, thought you'd like that. Skoodly-ah wah wah wah! Bamp chicka Bamp Bam!


lime said...

great picture....kinda offsets that pornish imagery that comes later. so did you go take a meal to the lady and play for her like i told you?

Theresa said...

Hey Babe! Enjoy the jam.
Glad to see you're keeping up the fight.