Thursday, September 29, 2005

Going Racing!

Well, now that Wednesday night racing season is over and it's getting cold it's time for The Last Chance Regatta in Nyack, NY. So this weekend OCt 1st & 2nd I shall take Gala and Charlie and a new friend Chris out on the water for two races Saturday and 1 on Sunday. Hopefully Gala will like racing. I'm sure she's been raced but never by me. With luck we won't bust anything or hit anyone. I'm pissed I couldn't get a spinnaker and a halyard up in time. Hence I'm stuck in C fleet.
My PHRF (handicap) number came back as 210. That sucks. Higher numbers are better and in San Francisco I'd be 240. Oh well. It'll just be more challenging. Hopefully I learned something this season and I can make a good showing of it. I hope I don't DFL (dead freakin' last).
"And they're off!"

Friday, September 23, 2005


Well, well, well! Here's a shot of the Shattemuc Yacht Club's regatta.
Gala and Brenda and I had a fabulous sail and it was a gorgeous day as you can see. Last night I went out alone and it was HOWLING. 25 MPH South wind gusting to 35. That may not seem like much in these hurricane days but lemme tell ya on a 27 foot sailing yacht single handed that's PLENTY. I should have reefed the main (that's making it smaller) but I had full sail up. She carried it OK but I had a rough time. Gotta make that easier to set up. I wish I'd had my camera as the wind and sea state were a thing to behold. Alas, even if I'd had it I probably couldn't have taken any pictures. 'Twas all I could do to hold on, steer and handle the sails. Whoof! More pics soon.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Sailboat Racers Fear This!

The Race Team! L to R: Me, Huong, Bob, Charlie and RC.
We race on Bob's Cal 30 sailboat. We went 22 and 0 for the season.
Who the hell goes 22 straight wins, no losses at anything?
We set a new club record. No one's done it before.
In short, we rock. Do not race us.
You will be stomped like a narc at a biker rally.

Monday, September 12, 2005

True Love At Last

And here they are; the loves of my life. Brenda the Blonde and Gala the Blue. How I love them both. <3

Friday, September 09, 2005

Sweet goodness

Well, it's been a weird week. No sooner do I fall in love when literally every woman I've slept with in the last year has called and wants to 'get together'. Sheesh. Some took it better than others that I'm really not on the market anymore. The one who had claimed to be pregnant decided that was a good time to confess it was all a lie just to hurt and freak me out. Lovely.
I hope she doesn't think this means I'll be glad to hear from her in the future. Whatever, my shit is squeaky clean. I've been honest with everyone about everything (as opposed to being the opportunistic dog I usually am). I hope the Gods will reward my honesty with a long healthy relationship. My best friend decided my new nickname was "SuperDawg." I said "No way man, I'm all in the clear now." He said "Too late man. The reputation has been established." Well, I suppose so, but God dammit I'm going to let this woman make an honest man of me.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I feel...different. Sorry, differently. Well, wait, both of those. Different than everyone else AND differently than before. I'm in love. That's new. I haven't truly been IN love in a long time.
Oh I've loved people and had people love me...this is hard to explain. I'm with someone new that I feel so close and connected to that I'm actually chasing all the ex's away. I'm no longer looking for the next thing. She's incredible. I look at other chicks and think "Pfft! My girlfriend's WAY hotter than you." And you know what? They eat that shit up. Nothing like being totally unavailable to make one more attractive to the opposite sex. I'll never understand that, but my experience has proven it to be truer than I ever could have imagined. Anyway, whatever, my karmic shit is completely clean. I told everyone everything about what's going on, I'm not cheating on anyone or doing any of my normal Modi Operandi and you know what? That feels good as hell. I feel like Jack Nicholsen in "As Good As It Gets"; she makes me want to be a better man. Amazingly, it seems to be working. Developing...
EDIT: As evidence of the above I totally forgot to mention that I got my boat in the water (with her help) and she lies (hopefully) peacefully at anchor as I type. I will visit her tonight. The boat that is. Shows where my head is at.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Decisive moves

I'm cutting everything loose and starting in a new direction. Um...again.
Got my insurance and registration which means I can get my boat in the water this weekend.
Except I can't because my DAMNED car is STILL in the shop. $1000 and counting and still no sticker. Labor day weekend with no car. Joy. So the only way I can work on the boat is break my resolve in line #1. *sigh* Today is a momentous day. Let's hope it doesn't kill me.