Monday, October 31, 2005

First Comes Love...

You all know the rest. Here are a couple of quick pictures of Brenda and I at the wedding of my friends Mike and Jill. The first one is the alter where they were married 20 minutes later.
The second one is us sitting together after the ceremony. We look joined at the hip. Yay!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


OK, for all my bitching and blathering about getting off cigs and booze I still have a long way to go. Nevertheless here's my HNT submission for today. Hopefully in a month or two at my current rate I'll start looking like Chris Evans below. I wish this pic showed more of my arms and shoulders. Oh well. Maybe next week. Have at you!

Chris Evans

OK, I'm posting these pix of Chris Evans (The Human Torch in Fantastic Four - fun movie!) for several reasons. One: Let's face it; the guy is freaking hot already! Two: He's my new role model. Since I quit smoking and drinking and started working out THIS is what I want my tired old body to look like. I'm doing well in the shoulders and arms. Still got a ways to go on the abs but who doesn't? Oh. Him. Let's see, what else? Reason three: My friend Laurie over at posted a pic of a buff guy with no body hair that grossed me out immensely. Now THIS guy is hot. THAT guy was just weird looking. I probably offended half of the internet saying "Eh, he looks GAY." Whoops. It just slipped out (pardon the pun). Anyway I guess this is a prelude to HNT. Tomorrow I'll post a hint of my progress if I have time. I might not because the lovely Brenda is coming home after 4 days and I plan on pouncing on her like a starving tiger on a wounded wildebeast. How's THAT for an image? OK, I'm outtie.

Monday, October 24, 2005

My Favorite Mistake

I've been smoking Marlboro reds since I was 14 years old; approximately 23 years. I went without them a few years here and there. Inevitably I would start sleeping with a woman who smoked and I'd start back in on the reds. Then she'd be gone and the reds stayed.

So, once again I am trying to give up my favorite mistake. I often say that I have few regrets in life, but that becoming addicted to nicotine is one. If I had one do-over in life that would be high on the list of candidates. The untold thousands of dollars toward compromising my health for no other reason than addiction...UGH!!!!l!

I started at the bus stop in December 1982 waiting (with wet/freezing long hair) when fellow idiot Ed Gaffee (a neighbor) proferred me a Marlboro light saying it would "help keep me warm". Indeed that little flame and the hot smoke in my lungs DID seem to alleviate the cold somewhat. Soon I was a full fledged smoker. Packs of cigarettes were (ready?) 50 cents. Now they are routinely $5-$7 in New York. Yikes! Anyway, Nicoderm CQ patches are helping ease the craving. I haven't had so much as a drag since before my last entry here. I've eased off the beer intake pretty dramatically and have been working out quite a bit. I'm very pleased with my body's new look and feel. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go kick the cat. "REOWR!" I hate cats.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My heart skips a beat when I see her

OK, to offset the previous post about my nightmare I'm putting up this picture that stops my heart every time I see it. Man. I've got it some kind of bad up in here. Jeebus.

Nightmare before Halloween

I had a really nasty nightmare the other night. Generally my dreams are very vivid and detailed and I have excellent recall, especially if I write it down upon waking. Even better if I don't move and just recall aloud. Anyway this concerns my grandmother. She's driving, my grandfather is in the front seat and I'm sitting behind her. We are talking, everything seems fine. Then we are somehow being cut off/shoved into oncoming traffic by a car next to us. That car is struck head on and quickly disappears past us on the right as we crawl to a stop. Another car approaches, hitting yet another oncoming car. Body parts are flying and hitting our car with sickening wet thuds. Suddenly we are struck. Somehow I am now in the front seat next to Grandpa. He says "Where is Grace?" and he looks in the back seat. The look of absolute horror on his face says it all. I don't dare look in the back but the blood spatters tell the story. I am trying to hold him and comfort him and he says (in a WILDLY uncharateristic expression of emotion) "I can't even hold her!" his eyes are brimming with tears and I'm telling him it's crucial we don't move her (even though I haven't looked and her head could be missing for all I knew). At that point I woke up rather upset, heart pounding, etc... Hopefully not prophetic... I haven't called for fear of finding out something bad happened. Silly I know but what can I say? Why can't my erotic dreams be this realistic and detailed? Oh wait...they are.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


OK, short post. Apparently I had a little premature Half Naked Thursday this Monday. Since Pixel posted her tattoo I'll count mine two posts below as my first HNT submission. I have a really much better one but it's totally NSFW and the lovely Brenda would kill me if I let anyone but her see. :-) An anchor tattoo! Rawk!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Another Brenda Pic

I just had to post this picture of Brenda because I love her SO MUCH.
The next 4 weeks are going to SUCK with out her. 10 days in the Dominican Republic, back for one day, then 4 days in Cooperstown NY for work, back for one day then another 4 days in Albany. WAHHHH! WAHHH!! WAHHH!!! *sniff* At least after that we go to Key West for 3 days for a wedding! Not ours though. Damn!
Now the bad news; she wants me to quit drinking. I knew that was going to come up. Not that I'm a nasty drunk or anything, She's just worried that I'll get liver cancer and die. I explained to her that everyone dies of something but she wasn't convinced. Therefore no more 12 packs of bud to wash down those Marlboro reds. Fuck it. She's worth it and a half. Wish me luck fellow bloggers. I fear I'ma need it, yo.

Monday, October 10, 2005

New Tattoo!

Just a quick update: I finally got my anchor tattoo this weekend. I'm very happy with it. It's on my upper left arm. It hardly hurt at all. The pic's a little fuzzy but it looks really good and I'm very happy with it. Go Big Joe's Tattoo in White Plains NY. Adam, You Da Man!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

New stuff

Well, sailing and racing season is coming to and end (Wahhhhh!) so it's time to return to some less outdoorsy pursuits, to wit: my painting and songwriting stuff.
Then there's my U2 tribute act. Good fun.
Also I need to finish the movie I wrote and shot this year. Still have a few scenes to shoot and a pant load of post production work to do before it's ready for the film festival circuit next year.
In short I have lots to do before the boat season starts up again, including numerous boat renovations. All this of course take a back seat to my sweet beloved Brenda, pictured here:

Yes, she's all that. I'm a lucky man.
She didn't believe that all my new bloggy friends said that she was HAWT! So I had to send her the link to prove it. She got all flustered
(GOD. SO CUTE!) but she said thanks to all you nice folks who agreed that yes, she's babe-a-licious and that I'd be a total nugget head to let her get away. *Sigh* Tra-la-la-la-la. Ain't love grand? *Uh-hunh! Uh-hunh! Whoop! Whoop! OK I'll shut up now. Whoop!
Andy, Brenda & Gala - Out.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


I wanna tell you all that we came, we saw, and we KICKED THEIR ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However that ain't how it went. Up at 6AM motored to Nyack between 8:30 and 10AM. Postponed until noon. First race: They did a different starting sequence than I'm used to. I got it wrong. Over the line 1 minute early. FUCKED the guy who was following me. :) Got buried. On the first leg Charlie (from the wednesday night crew) having admonished me to take the life lines off so the jib would set better promptly fell in the water. By God's grace I grabbed his ankle. I almost dropped him. I was laughing so hard at holding him by the ankle towing him whith his head underwater. To my complete amazement HE SAT UP and grabbed my hand. At the same moment we said "DON'T. LET. GO."Next he says "Take off my shoes!" I almost dropped him again laughing. I did as he bid and he caught the side of the boat WITH HIS TOES and I muscled him back on the boat. We finished the race. D.F.L. OK! Next race I was RIGHT ON IT. Went over the line at the gun and they called me "Over Early". FUCK!!!!!!!!!!! Got buried. Downwind sucked especially hard. The kevlar sail I borrowed didn't fit so we were stuck with my dinky #3 sail. Bad. Worse: after all was said and done I sailed home with my balloon jib and went faster than my motor can go. Should have done the sail change. Oh well. Now I'm too fuckin' sun burnt to race tomorrow, but just as well. Forcast for tomorrow: 2 MPH. I love sailboat racing. Andy & Gala; Out.