Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I wish I wasn't so damned wishy washy about everything. I can't seem to make a call one way or the other about anything. Dammit.

Monday, August 29, 2005

More boring bloggy

Well, I got the boat and she's lovely. The registration should be here today or tomorrow and if the damned insurance agent will just call me back I'll be insured. Getting the van inspected is turning into a real pain in the ass. $400 later and still no sticker. I'm going to smack these jerks one day. Meanwhile I'm being pursued relentlessly by 6 woman. That's kind of nice in a way but it's getting complicated. I just want the one I have. Which one? Not telling. But her name begins with...nah.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


OK, so I'm feeling better, excercising, not smoking or drinking so much...just like the Radiohead song! God I hate them. Talk about fucking depressing! The best thing they ever did was appear on South Park. Oh wait, that wasn't really them. OK! So it looks like the sailboat deal is FINALLY going through so I'll have a boat in the water just in time to pull it out but I don't care.
I've been wanting this boat for months and it has a lot of potential AND Bob's going to give me the long shaft 9.9 HP outboard for the same price as the crappy short shaft 6HP that's on there. Yay! I've been thinking about making this blog private. I think I can do that. It's really meant to be a private journal. I really don't care if people who don't know me personally read it, and in fact that's a cool way to meet people (when they write in) but I'm feeling self concious in that I can't write with pure harsh clarity in case somebody I know (and care about) should read and get offended. That's sort of pussy of me I guess. This blog is deadly dull anyway even if you're me. Um, are you? I mean am I? Hmm. Table that for now. Anyway BOAT BOAT BOAT BOAT.
This offsets the fact that I boned my strategy for financial improvement by buying a $1700 Taylor acoustic guitar . Seth would smack me. I can hear him now: "You paid HOW MUCH for and ACOUSTIC??? You're INSANE!" Guilty as charged. It is nice though. OK, that's enough for today. More trail mix, more salad, more excercise; less meat, less beer, less smoking. Onwards.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

No progress

I seem to be stuck in a major rut. Everything seems dull and lifeless, especially me. Everything's going along quietly just the same. I should be thankful for the lack of drama. Apparently I'm so used to constant insanity that this lull seems...boring. Gads, is that what it's come to?
I need to shake things up somehow but unsure how. *sigh*

Friday, August 12, 2005

Baby I need Schoolin'

Some lessons I'm trying to learn:

First: I've spent most of the last two years doing damage control on relationships that weren't satisfying to begin with. Lesson: stop wasting time. Life's too short. Stop trying to bring back the dead and seek out the living.

Second: hanging around an unhappy and unhealthy relationship until 'the right time comes' to give it up is retarded. There's never a good time and you only make things worse.

Third: being self destructive because you're unhappy in your relationship is a feedback system. I have literally nothing to show for it except worse health. Great.

It's time to change things up a little. How about stop drinking and smoking yourself to death and get healthy? I hear that's more effective than anti-depressants and cheaper too.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Fancy Blogs

OK, so I've gotten hooked on this stupid blogger thing. I've found lots of funny, weird, interesting and also stupid, lame and boring stuff (like this). I spend a lot of time clicking the 'next blog' button. So much so that I've become really annoyed by the people who have to gussy up their blogs with so much crap that the 'next blog' button is obscured or invisible. People! WTF?
OK, make it look good but don't make me click the back button when I decide your blog is boring and useless. Please! OK, rant off. It's Tuesday. Last night D called for the first time in 3 weeks and we had a nice chat. I wish this stuff would stop happening when I'm drunk. Oh wait, I'm always drunk except when I'm working. now. OK, back to work.

Monday, August 08, 2005

8 straight 8's

Listening to Foo Fighters at work for the 800th time. When I get an Album (if I like it) I'm the type of guy who'll listen to it exclusively over and over until I have the entire thing memorized.
I don't know why I do that.

As usual I am perplexed about my complex romantic entanglements. It's been one king hell fuck of a year. The three main babes have been trying to kill me, themselves and each other quite vigorously. I overstate the case a bit, but not by much. Suffice to say I don't much like the way things have gone. None of them satisfied me very much and I've doubtless disappointed them bitterly and often. "I don't owe you anything!"

Well, to keep it short my favorite dream for lo these many years is to sail away from all thing on a mid-sized sailboat with a supply of rum and pornography and be done with it. Love is vastly over rated. Solitude not so much. 'Nuff said.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Sailing, sailing

Well, my weekend regatta and BBQ at OBCC ( was a rousing success.
Everyone sailed. Everyone ate. Everyone drank. Especially me. I'm liking the fact that, unlike my blog at no one reads this thing but me. Therefore no psycho ex-girlfriends calling to harrass me about whatever the hell it is I'm doing. To hell with that. Go. Sail.