Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I need a favor for a friend

One of my oldest and dearest friends was recently diagnosed with serious female-type cancer. She is facing this with more bravery than could reasonably be expected. She is young and has two young daughters. She will be undergoing major surgery Thursday June 1st. She is hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. She put up a website for staying in touch with family and friends through this hardship, so here's the favor I ask of you: I need y'all to show her some love. Please visit her site and wish her a speedy recovery. Tell her AndyT13 sent you. Thanks!

Thursday, May 25, 2006


NEW T-SHIRTS 4 SALE - please suggest ideas! This pic, that poem; whatever you want I'll put on a T-shirt, mug, bag, whatever. Something custom for you? My pleasure. Also CD FOR SALE. Please buy? Your contribution gets the new CD out SO much faster! Now, HNT!
Rooftop. East side Manhattan. Saturday night. Models, artists, fashion designers galore; all the beautiful people were there. Can I tell you they loved me? They loved me. I sold some art. I sold some CDs. I made some friends. I got some more gigs. I gave it my all and was amply rewarded. Sometimes you kick. Sometimes you get kicked. C'est la vie. HHNT Y'all!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Hey Bloggy Peeps! In addition to my CD FOR SALE (CLICK HERE) I just opened a NEW STORE AT CAFE PRESS! I'll be offering T-Shirts, Mugs, etc... SO! If you'd like specific images (say an HNT shot on a coffee mug or one of my paintings on a T-Shirt) let me know and I'll WHIP IT OUT for you! Reasonable prices! Here are some of the designs currently on offer:

Monday, May 22, 2006

Rumor has it I'm an Artist

Here's picture of my 'studio' last year at this time. Jammed with paintings I was sure would never sell. As it turned out about half of them have since sold. That's kind of nice in retrospect. My favorite part of this picture is that in the center on the left side of the table is a mirror which shows me taking the photo. I love the fact that it looks like I'm one of the paintings. Anyway I just uploaded a metric assload of paintings and prints for sale at www.andyt13.com. Come buy some? Special price for you, my sweet bloggy peeps! Love ya! -AndyT13 BTW PLEASE CLICK HERE AND BUY MY CD?

Photoshop, Tie-Dye and Bodyparts

But first: Please buy my CD online! Thanks! I seem to have hit on a theme recently. I rather like the look of these together.
Jumpin' Atcha!

The Face


Me likey! Visit www.AndyT13.com for framed prints!

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Holy shit! I looked at my traffic statistics for WWW.ANDYT13.COM I discovered that I'm getting 2000 hits a month! 50 hits a day on average! That's a lot of friggin traffic! Apparently I need to refresh my web content more often! Look, out in the audience; PEOPLE! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I humbly thank you all for taking an interest in my creative efforts! Expect to see even more frequent content updates. Y'all bloggy peeps ROCK MY WORLD!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

HNT Anniversary Fo' Shizzle

But First: Please Click To Hear (and buy?) My 1995 CD. Thanks! Maybe now I can afford to make the new ones! And now my anniversary shot:

Running 5 miles a day is making my legs nice so I thought I'd show them off. Since I shot my celebration load last week this is as good as it gets this week.

Here's my first. HHNT Y'all! Thanks for all your support! The next gig is Sunday June 4th 7-11 PM @ The Parrot Bay Bar and Grill in Stony Point NY. No Cover + Great Food + Cheap Drinks = Good Times!

Another meme going around

But first: Please buy my CD? Click Here.
I've seen this around but it was MG who inspired me to actually do it.
I SAID: Bud Light (OK, water dammit).
I WANT: the love of my life to marry me.
I WISH: She was here right now.
I HATE: It when she's gone.
I MISS: Her.
I FEAR: nothing.
I HEAR: God speak to me out on the ocean.
I WONDER: about the future a lot.
I REGRET: nothing.
I AM NOT: a number.
I DANCE: as often as possible.
I SING: for money and for love.
I CRY: seldom but when I do I cry HARD.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: great, but sometimes I am.
I MADE: a mess of past relationships but no more.
I WRITE: books, movies, music, poetry and lyrics.
I CONFUSE: "normal" people a lot.
I NEED: more discipline.
I SHOULD: go to the gym more often.
I START: new projects way too often.
I FINISH: what I start but sometimes it takes me a while.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


But first: Please buy my CD? Click Here. Many Thanks! Tagged by Damasta 10 things about me starting with L. Love - Yes, I still believe in it. I'm more in love than I ever was. Painful as hell sometimes. Lust - I'm the most lustful person I know. ALL. THE. TIME. Sometimes it's frustrating. Longing - I miss my love terribly when she's away on business. Late - As in I stay up too late and that often makes me late. Loud - I'm boisterous. It's the performer in me. No more top volume rock shows tho. Too old. Lazy - Stay home, eat pie and make love? Why, yes, as often as humanly possible thanks. Lush - I'm way too fond of beer. Girls don't like it and it makes me fat. I'm trying to quit totally. Lightweight - a side effect of drinking WAY less is I get hammered far quicker. Long - And Hard. All. The Time. Say No More. Lively - I'm very energetic in every way and have little patience for "downer" people. "Yeah, sorry your life's a drag but I need to get away from you now before I get any on me KTHXBYE!" Swish!

Per Your Request

Per Your Request some highlights from Friday's show. I thought these came out rather well. I never do covers so this is a nice change of pace for me. Hope you like.
You Can Leave Your Hat On
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
You Got Lucky
Change Of Heart
Wind Cries Mary
Please enjoy (and come to the next show!) Leave a comment, send me an (evil) email, show me your (tits) love. :-) So Many Thanks! PS Please buy my CD? Click Here.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday Morning Update

THE BIG NEWS in case you missed it, is MY CD is finally ON SALE at CDBABY. Click HERE. It's the one from 1995 with a full band but go have a listen and buy one anyway. I need the cash to fund the new CD of my acoustic stuff. You won't regret it and I'll love you for it! The show Friday night went well as you all predicted. I had a good turnout and they were happy to hire me back for next month, Friday June 16th. I also have three more dates pending so it looks like the summer tour is on. I recorded the whole show so there should be some audio highlights forthcoming for those of you living on foreign shores. I forgot to take any pictures so this one from Xmas will have to do. Apparently I surprised the audience with the variety of stuff I was doing and the fact that I remembered all those words. There were well over 80 songs on the setlist of which I think I did about 50. The nice thing about performing solo is the entire load in, setup, breakdown and load out takes under ten minutes total. Anyway the crowd response was enthusiastic to say the least and the people who didn't know me from Adam far outnumbered my friends. To my surprise several different strangers were positively effusive in their praise of my singing which I consider merely passable.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


UPDATE! My 1995 CD release is now available on CD BABY! Only $10 US! New releases soon to follow. Just click http://cdbaby.com/cd/andyt13 for a sample. If you like please buy. Support a starving artist. :-)

Lately I've been so serious what with the gig coming up and the stage fright and the weight loss and the working out and the on again off again heartbreak that for HNT's anniversary I thought I would show a bit of my whimsical side for a change. Belive it or not I can be quite lighthearted and amusing when the mood strikes me. Thus I bring you this:

And since I can never follow instructions I bring you my second ever HNT post. My first one was my anchor tattoo the day I got it but the picture was fuzzy and I know this one is much more popular with the ladies of HNT. My first HNT got 3 comments. Now I regularly get 50. I'm really happy to know all you wonderful people and I must thank Os for hooking me up with you all. You all just rock so freaking hard and you're all beautiful. So there.

Alas I pitched my mirror in a fit of self loathing rage so now I only have the bathroom one to work with. Actually, I was just bent because the mirror was, in fact, bent and the fun house effect annoyed me. I need a new one for artistic purposes. We had our first sailboat race of the season today and once again we won. A good start to the year. Sailboat racers: FEAR THIS.
And now a final reminder for tomorrow night. Please come if you can:
I'll be playing my guitar and singing tomorrow night, Friday May 12th @ 9 PM at Friend's Bar @ 140 Grand Ave. Croton On Hudson, NY 10520. (914) 271-1126
. HHNT y'all!
OK, by now you all know I'll be playing my guitar and singing this Friday May 12th @ 9 PM at Friend's Bar @ 140 Grand Ave. Croton On Hudson, NY 10520. (914) 271-1126. You also know I have stage fright in spite of the many people I've played for. A common cure that people suggest is picturing the audience in their underwear. I'm here to tell you that doesn't work since this is what I picture:

The cure is worse than the disease. VERY distracting! Especially if I'm picturing Madam X! I hopw she comes (to the show I mean, OK that way too). Then I know there will be at least one hot babe there to cheer me on. :-)

Monday, May 08, 2006


Well, it's Monday and I have a case of the nerves. As I've been saying, I'll be playing my guitar and singing this Friday May 12th @ 9 PM at Friend's Bar @ 140 Grand Ave. Croton On Hudson, NY 10520. (914) 271-1126. Frankly I'm a little nervous. In spite of the thousands of people who've seen me play all over the world I still have stage fright. It always goes away after the first few notes (or songs depending) and I fall right into the groove but in the hours or days leading up to a show I always get the jitters. What if no one comes? What if I suck and everyone hates me? What if I can't remember all the words? Generally those things never happen but it still bugs me. Meanwhile I had a GREAT weekend. Hope you did too!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Dual HNT bathroom pix / GIG ANNOUNCEMENT

HHNT! BUT FIRST: I'll be playing my guitar and singing Friday May 12th from 9 PM-1AM (at least) at Friend's Bar @ 140 Grand Ave. Croton On Hudson, NY 10520. (914) 271-1126. All you New York bloggers come out and show some love. There's no cover and it's a cool little place with good eats and cheap drinks. Originals and covers.
I need your support gang! Kthx. And no, I didn't know Os was doing bathroom shots too!

I'm sure y'all don't notice it but I see all the new little "cuts" I'm getting from working out 4 days a week 2 hours a day over the last month. The stretched skin by my pecs, all that extra forearm muscle in the first pic (note the veins in the hand for those who like that sort of thing). In the second pic the whole curve of my back and the definition in my shoulders and pecs is all new too. New diet includes a gram of protein for each pound I weigh and not much else. Definitely NOT included anymore as of today are 1100 calories worth of beer a day. 1/3d less calories my ass. I've lost 13 lbs so far (back to 185 from 198) and experience tells me that even if I did nothing cutting out beer loses me 12 pounds in a month if I do nothing else. So by June first I hope to see 170 lbs again for the first time since...college? Yeesh. That's what all that beer got me. I need a new drug though. I have no way to deal with pain,anger or sorrow now. After enough beer I just didn't give a damn anymore. Now? I dunno. Run Forrest, Run I guess.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Upcoming Gig Friday May 12th @ 9 PM

Hey fellow bloggy peeps. This post is to announce that I'll be playing a local bar Friday May 12th from 9 PM-1AM. All you New York bloggers come out and show some love. There's no cover and it's a cool little place with good eats and cheap drinks. I'll probably be posting this a bunch more in hopes some folks to come and listen. Just me and my guitar. Originals and a nice mix of covers. Thanks to Paitl, the blogger I stole this HNT photo from for the poster. The details: Andy Toomey @Friend's Bar - 140 Grand Ave. Croton On Hudson, NY 10520 (914) 271-1126. Please tell your friends and please come? I'll be ever - so - thankful! Word is Madam X will be there...


My friend Andi has a web 'zine called Estalla's Revenge and she was nice enough to publish an excerpt from my recent novel. Please go pay her a visit and check it out. Thanks! Busy weekend here. Did a bunch of bicycling and worked on the boat. In sanding off the crappy paint job I found her original name: Harmony! How fitting.