Friday, December 01, 2006

World AIDS and HIV day

Yahoo and Google are both running stories about today being World AIDS and HIV day.
"What can you do?" they say. Wear a red ribbon. Talk to people about it. They post horrific stats about how many people it kills. OK, there's my ribbon and my link to their stories.

One thing neither one of them even mentions pisses me off because it reeks of the fact that repressed Americans can't talk about sex. What can you do to prevent the spread of AIDS? Don't have unprotected sex with someone whose HIV status you don't know. Talk to your kids and tell them that. Teach sex education in school starting at about 8 years old. Give them access to information about sex. Give them condoms. Refuse to support religions, politicians and organizations that don't support these policies. If you're gay and/or an intraveneous drug user DON'T HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX WITH SOMEONE WHOSE STATUS YOU DON'T KNOW and use clean needles and works. Oh and people? Let's give them free condoms and clean needles, OK?

What's that you say? That makes FAR too much sense? Oh well. I had to put it out there. All things being equal there are far too many humans on the planet anyway. Anything that significantly reduces our numbers is better for the survival of the species and the planet.
I just had to put on my Captain Obvious routine for a minute there. Sorry, sorry.


Lori Stewart Weidert said...

I'm wearing my "Andy for president" button today.

lime said...

you shoudl be happy to know i discuss sex at the dinner table with my kids....including how to use a condom. bwahahaha. never a dull moment in house of lime....

Theresa said...

This is a really important topic and a red-hot button for me. Great information and reminders, Andy.

My 2 cents: Living in a big University town, I'm very aware that HIV/AIDS are much more a hetero issue these days. Straight, bi and gay teenagers and young adults are ALL at great risk for contracting HIV and other STDs because they tend to engage in risky sexual behavior with muliple partners more often than their older counterparts. Afterall, that's the stage in most of our lives when we date a lot, try new things, take risks, and often abuse substances, which impairs our already inexperienced judgment.
(okay, I'll get off my soapbox now)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to talk about sex. When Pippy came to me and wanted to know the exact details of oral sex and the physiology of a female orgasm AT AGE 12, I was happy to be able to accurately inform, and glad that I'd established an openly communicative relationship with her. She's known about condoms since forever because I don't want her to pay for mistakes in judgement with her LIFE.
Rock on, Andy.