Monday, August 14, 2006

The Votes Are In

Well, not really. Only a few people commented. The overwhelming majority of folks I talked to didn't like "So-and-So and the Somethings" as a band name. Thus it seems we need something else entirely. So let's have it folks. Give me a band name for the ages. I expect nothing short of excellence from y'all so shake it and bake it, swing it and bring it.


guttergirl said...

The Lucky13 Pirates?

The Worms?

I was never any good at this.

Lori Stewart Weidert said...

I'm answering phones at work all day long; a dreaded assignment. I have nothing to do, therefore, but to brainstorm. I'll get right on that band name.

Green Eyes said...

Morning, Andy! If I think of something, I'll come back!

AndyT13 said...

I thought Lucifer Jones would be a good name. Seems he's a sci-fi charaacter, one Reverend Lucifer Jones. All in all a good comparison. It sems that no one out there is using that as a band name right now, at least on the

lime said...

hahaha, another game we played on the long road trip was good rock band names generated from road signs and billboards or other sights

slow children playing
dangerous curves
crazy steve and the fireworks
cheap cigarettes
flagman and the orange vests
live nude girls
99 cent whoppers

possibilities are endless!

ZooooM said...

I'll try and think of something. But as seen in previous comments, I simply lean towards Pornzilla. And that's more of a name fitting a GWAR like band. *sigh*

T - Another Geek Girl said...

I like Vicious Rat Bastards.
No one will ever forget who you are. But hey, I came from the punk generation. Of course Rotten Rat Bastards would work too. all inspired by the sex pistols!

I'll think of some more incredibly insane names for you. I have a natural ability to do that you know.

The Melody Censor said...

I love searabbit's 'And he...'!

henri Banks said...

looks like a good old baby to me ;-)

ALRO said...

For blues band names there are many!

especially if you're an SRV fan...

Texas Flood Blues Band.
Scuttle Button
E. Flats and the Stratocats. (this in reference, of course, that SRV tunes his strats in E-Flat)

~d said...

I like Lime's:

Cheap Cigarettes

Which kind of rolls to :

Burning Cigarettes
or, umm
The Burning Gnomes

Recipe for Baked Aardvarks

Ok. I like that one.
Put your hands together for the RBA's!

jus' passin' thru, dude.

Jericho said...

Sonny Ribmeat Varner

or just Ribmeat

Stealth said...

my suggestions are above...

I like mine. But that is me...

I can give myself an hour and come up with a million band names.

Read the ones I came up with...

Maybe just "The Social Drinkers"


Stealth said...

no Reverend..they were playing on my site today....reverend Horton Heat..but the second part is good.

You could name your band Alter Boys and dress like priests.


I would hope you would remember me... ;-)