Friday, August 11, 2006

Gig wrap up

Well, the gig at Justin Thyme went great I guess. I played 8:30 - 10:45 with two short breaks. People seemed to dig it so I think I'll get another gig there. Tricia showed up which was way cool. I love me some blogger support especially since she's from Georgia and I'm in NY (hear that MG?). Life seems to be getting busy and complicated. Lotsa people and activity jumping around. I found a rhythm section so it appears I'll be playing guitar and singing in a band again. I kinda wanted to continue just doing the solo gigs but frankly it's less fun. Every time it's time for a solo I'm either whistling it or faking it. That's kinda weak. Maybe I'll think differently about it after a few gigs with them but we'll see.


Anonymous said...

Gah, if I'm *always* first, ppl are going to think that I really AM stalking you. Heh.
Glad the show went well & that you had some support!

ZooooM said...

Why couldn't you do both solo and band? I've seen your web site, you are 8000 things at once. What's one more?