Monday, August 21, 2006

Mindless Monday Meme

Well, this meme is going around like a cold so WTF? I got nothing else.

2 moments in your life I’d like to erase:
The day we killed our unborn child.
The day his mother overdosed leaving her young son (not mine) to find her dead.

4 moments I'd like to relive:
Sex with the love of my life. Everytime.
Any one of many trios.
My first time with a woman.
The last time.
Hey! A theme!

2 places I wouldn’t want to go again:
Grand Bahama was dull. Nothing to do but gamble, which I don't.
The house I grew up in (it's gone anyway).

4 places I can’t wait to visit/visit again:
Too many to list.
Throw a dart at a map.
Don't hit Africa or the middle east.

2 foods I can’t stand:

4 foods I love:
Hot wings
Filet mignon and lobster tail
BBQ shrimp
Sushi (tuna)

2 current songs that make me change the station:
Anything top 40. Music sucks these days.
Most so-called R&B/hip-hop/rap. What happened to Public Enemy and N.W.A.?
And get off my lawn you damned kids!

4 current songs I play over and over:
Any Stevie Ray Vaughn
Any Hendrix
Any Led Zep
Any U2

2 books I’d never finish/read again:
The Bible/Torah/Koran (Quran, whatever the fuck). Organized religion sucks.
Uh...I dunno. I like reading.

4 books I have read more than once:
Far too many to list
Any Jimmy Buffett book
Any sailing book
Any decent sci-fi
And of course...any erotica

Current mood: Hating it. All of it.


Isolde said...

I really don't like being the first one to comment. At all.
That first one? Fecking A., man. Ouch. And, I'm with you on the 4 memories you like to relive. I think I'd choose those same ones, except I don't have a "love of my life," (cue violins). But I like to think about sex. Sex, sex, sex, baby.

Winterswan said...

Wow. I'm sitting here wondering who the woman in the moments you'd rather never relive was; I never knew about that. Or that your old house was gone. What happened to it??? Life changes so much over the course of a decade or so!

Robin said...

Hey, I was up past midnight last night penning the story you've asked me to tell. I'll be unveiling it soon. I have to recover from the remembering first.

.- said...

so so sorry sweetie for the pain of those you'd like to erase -
the catholic schoolgirl in me feels the weight of guilt for all moms who left their kids like this....
the maniac in me will tell ya ... throwing a dart is how most people think I ended up in dallas....
hugs as always

lime said...

wow, a really telling meme. i hate mayo too, but i'd go to africa before i'd go to antarctica.

Green Eyes said...

I'm so sorry for that little boy who found his mommy.

Anonymous said...

I think you shouldn't regret that kid and his mom's... after all, what would you have done finding yourself alone with a baby? That woman wasn't fit to have kid... I think... sorry if I ever I'm offendind somehow... because I know well that it is not with two sentences that we know the story... but it is the feeling I get from those 2 lines...

Oh, yeah... sex... anytime, anywhere... but how much better it is when you love and are loved... ;-)

Bahamas is effectively a very boring place for vacations... I would prefer Africa thousand times than return there... pfff...

What do you have against mayo... it is soooo good with French fries... ;-)

Carnivore... Hummm... Salad is good for you... ;-) and any green.. ;-)

To like today's music, you have to be less than 30... if it not youunger...

Who ever finished those books anyway??? some psychos, for sure...

You read many books more than once? Interesting, maybe I should try that... ;-)

Hating... I kind of understand... I think... ;-(

Laurie said...

Ouch on the first two.. sorry about that.

I'm with you on the "hip-hop" craze... NWA was and is the shit.

MG said...

I'm sorry, but I'm having trouble getting past that first one....

somehow, the others don't seem to mean so much