Tuesday, August 15, 2006

George Thorogood

George Thorogood tonight @ B.B. King's. W00T! Bad to the bone. When you have the blues listen to the blues. And drink. A lot. And now, some mutterings:

Kim :: Carnes
Designate :: you lover's fate
Liner :: notes
Weed :: Head
Infusion :: Plasma
Nutritious :: Food
Favorites :: Add to
Transform :: ers, more than meets the eye
42 :: Life the universe and everything
Sunday afternoon :: in the park

Weird one this week.


MG said...

you up for it?
see my post ;)

Anonymous said...

hahaha! Gotta love MG! Time for c0ck sh0ts!
so sayeth the psycho stalker chick.
And wait, I can only drink a lot when I have the blues? What about when I'm happy? Tired? Frustrated? Awake? On days that end with y?

MG said...

ok, mr "accept in spirit", how about....
"part", previously disclosed is fine...
that or do I take your previous answer as a concession? :)

AndyT13 said...

No way! I do not back down from a challenge! I merely weasel out. It's on.

MG said...


lime said...

GT rocks. that guy is great. have fun.

kim: smoo (my cousin kim's nickname)
designate: a driver
liner: rubber
weed: my garden
infusion: of essential loils
nutritious: as a twinkie
favorites: chocolate
transform: your mind
42: what you said
sunday afternoon: sex romps

lime said...
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tm said...

I have seen George Thoroughgood in concert twice. Get ready for hard thumping working man rock. You'll have a great time. I think I will go put on my GT cd right now, you inspired me.
Thanks for the nice comments on my blog.
Have fun tonight.