Friday, August 11, 2006

Vote for a Band Name ?

OK boys and girls, a little help please? I realize band names are trite, trivial and pretentious.
However, for advertising purposes, I need one. Therefore I submit these for your vote.
Write-ins will be considered. Please pick one and leave your vote in the comments. Thanks!

AndyT13 and The Vicious Cats
AndyT13 and The Pink Elephant (blue elephant? Pink polka dot? Purple microdot?)
AndyT13 and The Magic Flowers
AndyT13 and The Rattlesnake Shake
AndyT13 and Irresistable Bliss.
AndyT13 and Sho'Nuff

I have a favorite but we'll see what you say. I'll announce a winner on Friday to give the HNTers a vote.


The Melody Censor said...

The Vicious Cats

Love it!

.- said...

AndyT13 and HIS irresistable bliss

Tai said...

I'm feeling rather partial to 'Sho'Nuff'.

It's gotta 'ring to it'.

lime said...

AndyT13 and his vicious pink rattlesnake bliss. that's my vote

MG said...

Sho'nuff, I dont' know why

(M)ary said...

I vote for the Rattlesnake Shake...