Friday, August 18, 2006

The Nose Knows

A Promise is A Promise MG. There ya go. Up the nose. Call it a late HNT entry. More band name foolishness: How about The Hammerheads? The X-Rays? Ray was in the band but we had to kill him. Since Exit 69 was deemed "too sexual" (Oy!) does anyone have a feel for Exit 68? Other name suggestions are still being entertained. Vote early but not often!


Stealth said...

happy late HNT!! and damn I came up with alot of names here feed back...nothing to do with 69...I will be brutally honest- people would roll their eyes just at the name.

check all your comments..I will probably have more...

Stuart said...

Exit 68 (We nearly made it)
Exit 70 (we've gone too far this time)
Exit 6 (or 9) - What happened to 'us'?
Entry number 2 - childish. I know.
Route 69 / Root-69 - Get your kicks.
Exit 696 - leaves too many questions unanswered.
Exit 66 - "Spoons".

I think you may be onto something.

Winterswan said...

How about the Jolly Fockers?

I know, no good, but what the hell.

Cindy said...

Everybody's Jim.

Could mean everybody is Jim, or that there are Jims for everybody. Or use another name.

I typed it into someone else's comment and then thought, hey that sounds like a band name so I rushed over to tell you.

MG said...

a man of his word.