Sunday, August 27, 2006

More Blues Musings

Well I jammed with some more good players this weekend who responded to my ad. I think I'm going to play with them for a while, at least until they go insane. It's harder than you might think to find competent musicians who aren't nuts in some special way. We all have drug problems, ego problems, attitude problems, girlfriend/wife/family problems, car problems, legal problems ad nauseum et infinitum. That's why we became musicians in the first place I suppose. It takes a particular kind of kook to play an instrument long enough and with enough diligence to become competent at it. Anyways hopefully there'll be some fun and interesting recordings for y'all to fill your ears with soon. As always tons of love, peace and all that happy horseshit.
Your humble obnoxious, egotistical, unapproachable asshole wanna-be psuedo-musican,

Meanwhile go visit Lunanina and play our unconcious mutterings free association game.
Here's this weeks entry:
  1. Visit :: The in-laws
  2. Cake :: Frosting
  3. Period :: Paragraph
  4. Triumphant :: Return
  5. Screen :: Play
  6. Neglect :: Abuse
  7. Guitar :: Solo
  8. Loathe :: Fear
  9. Sugar :: Magnolia
  10. Montage :: Collage


.- said...


Izzy said...

lol, now i know who to come annoy while i'm learning to play


lime said...

visit: from hell
cake: topper
period: comma
triumph: motorcycle
neglect: my desk
guitar: owie
loathe: mornings
sugar: rush
montage: mountain (it's a performing venue inthe middle of friggin nowhere)

MG said...

funny, I've been thinking a lot lately about frosting... hmmm.