Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Blogger Sux! Can't upload pix! Ever!

What a piece of crap. It used to work so well but now I can never upload pix. Fuckers. I want more for my...um...free.

I wanted to post This and This from Hugh at Gaping Void. The guy clearly is tapped right into my life right now. Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuckity Fuck.

I missed some mutterings from Lunanina so here they are:

Affair :: s d'amour
Package :: Deal
Warner :: Brothers
Drop :: Acid
Balance :: checkbook bounce
Shore :: Sea
Confirmation :: Number
Nose :: flute
Talking :: points
Bend :: over

Italy :: France
Honk :: I'm reloading
Shades :: The future's so bright
Tool :: Bar
Modern :: Version
Tension :: Release
Conservative :: Repression
Weight :: Lifting
Insurance :: Policy
Political :: Scandal

Another meme I've been meaning to post:From Miss Elainie
I Do Not Talk Funny! What's wrong with the way I talk?
(Pick the word that is familiar to you or add one of your own)
1. Soda, Soft Drink, Soda Pop or Tonic
2. Hoagie, Sub, Po Boy, Grinder
Growing up they were always subs but here in NY they use the word "Wedge" which seems exclusive to Westchester NY.
3. Goobers or Peanuts Peanuts.
Goobers makes me think of boogers but Goober is like idiot. "Don’t be such a goober!"
4. Candlepin or Ten-Pin bowling
Those are two different things. Small balls vs. large. I prefer large kthx.
5. Dungarees or Blue Jeans
Just "jeans" unless I'm differentiating between the blue and the black.
6. Shopping Carriage, Shopping Cart, Buggy
7. Frappe or Milkshake
8. Jimmies or Sprinkles
We called them Jimmies growing up but here in NY they're called sprinkles.
9. Hot Dog or Frankfurter
"Hot dogs, get your kosher hot dogs here!"
10. Relative or Kin
11. Soda Crackers or Saltines
"Saltines." I never knew what soda crackers were.
12. Rubbish, Trash or Garbage.
"Trash" also "Recycling"
13. Rotary or Traffic Circle
"Rotary" They have those in Boston where I grew up.
14. Barbeque, Grill Out or Cookout
Shrimp on the barbie baby! We always said cookout growing up though.
15. Funnel Cake or Fried Dough
Fried dough. Yuck. I always wondered what Funnel Cake was!
16. Flapjacks, pancakes, or griddlecakes
"pancakes." Try getting French toast in France!
17. Bedroom Suite or Bedroom Suit
Someone suggested this had to do with furniture which I wouldn't have thought of.
A suite is something in a hotel.
18. Bundles, Sacks or Bags (of Groceries)
Front Entrance or Front Stoop
How about "front porch" or "front steps?"
20. Frying Pan or Skillet
Frying pan is round. A skillet (or griddle) is more square or rectangular.


MG said...

omg, I loved the "bend:over"... but that's not a surprise.

yeah blogger really sucks sometimes...

Phain said...

Baby have you ever tried Flikr??? When I can't get Blogger to upload (which as you know is quite frequently) I hop over to Flickr and upload from there. (my two cents) ;)

And your list cracked me up - you can almost tell where someone grew up by their answers. My family is "kin" - what does that tell you?