Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday! Sunday!! Sunday!!!

This nifty photo of me comes to you courtesey of The Mighty and Beautiful Jo The Sea Rabbit. My drummer actually took it but she made me the voice of the city. I like it. Good job Jo. Go and show her some love, hmmm? I'm now 5 days behind on starting my novel for National Novel Writing Month. Eh, last year I was 7 days late and still finished. I got nothing right now though.
Just a great big gaping wound with a whole lot of nothing pouring out, like a waterfall I'm drowning in. Geez, when I say it like that it sounds so negative! Everything's going really well actually. If I can just get out of the way and let God do his thing with me I'll be just fine. I give thanks and praise everyday. 21 days and counting. When I crash and burn will I tell you all about it? Or will I just stop talking about it every fucking day?


Anonymous said...

Jo did an awesome job!! Tell us if (not when!) you crash and burn, so we can love on you and help you get back up. It's not going to happen, though.

lime said...

cool picture indeed. 21 days yeehaw!

i thought about that nanowrimo thing. maybe next year....looks liek a month of madness but fun too. gonna share with us?

Anonymous said...

I can see I've gotten behind on reading here ;)
but I LOVE this pic!!

Very nice JO!