Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Strange Mood

Lots of text lately and not much graphics. Maybe because blogger is such a wad of suck lately. Ever since Google bought them it's gone steadily downhill. You know it's bad when the beta product is worse than the released version. Feh.

I stopped counting days and writing about it. I feel like playing it close to the vest for a while. I'm dry as a bone and all is well but I'm feeling exposed and more vulnerable lately so enough of that.

They say to write for your readers. Not many readers lately, or many comments anyway. I've been saying for a while I need to revamp this thing into something that talks about music and art and save my personal musings about shit for somewhere else.

The band is playing in the Stillwell Cafe in the Bronx this weekend and I'm doubtful of getting a crowd. 1680 Stillwell ave if you want to come. I'm just hanging tight for the winter and hoping to come with a killer album in early spring to tour behind. Wish my luck.

Your ever so humble and grateful Gearjammer,


lime said...

i say write whatever the heck you wanna write about. it's your blog.

oh and HNT will be partially for you.....and that's all i'm saying right now:P

Mary Ann said...

i agree with lime you should write whatever you feel like whenever you feel like it!

just wanted to say "hi" and let you know that i am a quiet reader of your blogs....most days i am just too busy to comment. but that doesn't mean you are loved any less!

keep your spirits up.

hugs & kisses

wordslut said...

Hey! Glad to hear you are doing well.

Regal said...

As the other commenter said - there may be some silent readers here, I as well. For me, I know at times, I may not comment because I'm not sure my words will help. Don't want them to sound empty. Please know you have friends here.

Anonymous said...

Hi my dear good friend who has deserted me! I've been reading but just not much to say. Not every post inspires a response but if you look at your stats you'll see I never left you.

Ellamir said...

Hi! yes blogger has been kind of a mood killer actually, having to go out of your way to post (text or images) takes some of the pleasure away

i tried the beta on another account, i think xml is nice if you can master it, but so far it just meant the fancy layouts get broken features.

hope you feel better soon =)

Anonymous said...

Beta is working nicely for me, and Andy you don't sound so good---

* can email me if you wanted to.

This tone sounds familiar.

ALRO said...

ya.. I find that uploading images is best done using Firefox as a browser! For whatever reason - i'm able to upload pics that way...

CozyMama said...

good luck Andy. ;)