Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The gym: day 10

Dull entry today. I met with my "impersonal trainer" yesterday. Not very productive. I get three free 1 hour sessions with a trainer so I picked the buffest looking guy thinking he'd know what was up. For all that he wasn't very helpful. I usually do an hour on the treadmill and an hour on weights. I got there ten minutes early so he said "Do some cardio and I'll be right there." So I ended up only doing the ten minutes. Then he wanted to show me all the leg machines. That's not something I do, want to do or really need to do. My legs and ass are buff. It's the rest of me that sucks, especially my abs (read: fat beer gut). But whatever, I preservered. I need more weight at least since today I don't feel like I got a workout at all. After 4 sets on 4 machines I was like "whatever" so I went on the eliptical cross trainer for the rest of the hour and went home in disgust. So today I'm going back to my regular workout. I have to waste the next two Mondays with the guy so hopefully I'll learn something then. Fact: I need to quit smoking and drinking beer. These things are holding me back considerably.What good is burning 500 calories a day on the treadmill and then putting in 1000 in beer? I ask you? Meh. I need a new drug. Nappy dugout!


Lee said...

Drink vodka instead. I tell you, it's magic and contains no calories!

Laurie said...

Those meatheads at the gym... gah.

Yep, beer will sabotage your diet and excercise plans, so you know what you gotta do!

And I agree about your buns ;-)