Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Wicked Whacky Wednesday

And here's a picture of a red tailed hawk! I'm very excited today! I just signed up for Intro to Raptor Handling! No, I'm not kidding! To quote Strongbad I've a passing interest in falconry! Teatown wildlife preserve in Ossining where I live has a $25 program for a 1 day class where you get trained how to hold and handle hawks, eagles, falcons and owls. I have a real thing for birds so this is quite a treat for me. Hopefully I won't get my eyes pecked out! Anyway it's a month from this Saturday so I have a while to wait. HNT is cancelled this week but I might post anyway. I noticed people haven't been commenting much. I guess the holiday season is upon us. Meanwhile, my three favorite blogs get a plug for Xmas. The ever fabulous and gorgeous Gigi, the erudite and never rude Stephen, and my favorite hot biker babe Laurie! Merry Christmas y'all! Can you tell I learned to link? Welcome to Wicked Whacky Wednesday!


Lori Stewart Weidert said...

Goody, those protective beak-goggles I got you for Christmas will come in handy now.

Very cool endeavor!

Bougie Black Boy said...

wow, glad me and Laurie made your top 3! ! ! Thanks! I love Laurie