Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Miscellaneous Wednesday

The previous post has a really interesting conversation going on in the comments but here's some miscellaneous crap stolen from my bloggy peeps. Thank you bloggy peeps; you know who you are! I've been meaning to post these but haven't had a chance. First:
"Strawberries and chocolate, fine champagne and a broken rose who knows how to play games." Lyrics from the song "Marrow" about Pacé Rabiola nee Marrow.- Visit and download the tune for free! OK, they're all free right now but soon ye'll have ta pay ya wee bastards!
Next: Yes if this was middle Earth I'd be an elf. No duh. Patrict was a Saint. I Ain't.
Finally: My very favorite of these: South Park AndyT13!

I laughed for a full minute when I finished making him. So Me! Now, please read and comment on Tuesday's post? Kthx.

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