Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Typical Tuesday

Lisa over at http://recreationaluse.blogspot.com inspired me to do this long ass self indulgent bloggy meme thing "100 things about me" which I posted on my web site to save space here:
http://www.andyt13.com/100things.htm - I find it annoying that if I post every day things from two days ago disappear off the main page. Who's kidding who? Y'all come here for those hot HNT pix. :-) If I was a better person you'd all go look at www.andyt13.com and be so impressed you'd buy all my art, music and novel and I could retire to the Caribbean to drink rum on my sailboat, fish, play my guitar and make sweet love with Brenda all day long in the sun. Yea.

1 comment:

Theresa said...

Fantastic list. I like knowing lots of odds and ends about you.
Your art is spectacular! I'd definitely hang some on my walls if I weren't penniless.
You certainly are a multi-talented man.