Friday, December 30, 2005

Requiem for my heart

I'm completely cold and dead inside. I shuffle around like a zombie, dead but to stupid to lie down. After years of holding that last little piece of my heart in reserve I finally got the courage to put all the chips on the table but the deal did not go my way. Now I'm an empty shell. Way to go Asshole. Back to your crypt now. Don't mind the rats and the maggots.


gigi said...

Andy, you know what, it totally sucks ass but you gotta feel this way for a while.

Wallow for a bit not too long!

Just think of all the great writing that will come from this!

Crappy advice I know.

You need me, just whistle!

Laurie said...

Sometimes the gambles we take in life don't pay out; that doesn't mean that we stop playing.

Take the time to heal, but then get back in the game. You'll find the one that is right for you - it could be Brenda, just give her that space and time that she needs.

Like that cliche' - if you love something, set it free... it's true.

Hang in there, friend. I know it hurts, but every day it will get better.

love you... Laur

Bougie Black Boy said...

Yeah, listen to the ladies above. They know best. . . And, above all--we all got much love for you! Keep your head up and keep writing.

ell said...

hang in there andy. it'll get better.

Laurie said...

Andy... checking in on you today (I sent you an email, too)

Hope you're doing ok.. You're in my thoughts, friend.