Sunday, December 10, 2006


This picture and post are apropos of nothing. That is to say there is no relevance to either the picture or the post. None. That is because I got nothin'. The pic came up on a google search of the term WTF which is about how I feel. I am Le Tired. I've been fighting off a cold since late Thursday night. As of right now it's a holding action. I've spent most of the last 60 hours asleep. During my few waking hours I feel OK-ish except for A Bit Achy and Le Tired. Evenings and Mornings bring sore throat, stuffy head, slight fever and a general feeling of shoot me now. It is ironic (to me) that in the past I would have treated these symptoms with copious quantities of alcohol which would have either killed the germ (usually) or brought the cold on full blast and forced me to deal with it. This limbo of "kinda sick" kinda sucks. Today is day 55. I realized I can't even have Nyquil (my symptom reliever of choice) because, yes you guessed it, it has alcohol in it. Merde! I crawled to El Supermercado hoy por comprar los groceries. That was all the energy I had. I might go look at a house with the notion of buying it later today if I can roust my bollocks from the bed. I will now go back to bed. Thank you for playing. Please come again. Wipe your feet on the way out.


Anonymous said...

Day 55! Way To Go..

Stay strong my friend. I hope you feel better soon.

lime said...

not a pleasant feeling for sure. lots of liquids and if i were close enough i'd bring you chicken soup. feel better soon.

Bud said...

Sorry it's been a while since I was here. I'll try to catch up. You're looking good on that diet, Andy. Keep it up, man. I hope you don't make any house buying decisions when you feel so shitty.