Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Holy Crap! Linked by an A-Lister!

Holy Crap! I knew that Hugh McLeod of Gaping Void had linked to me in one of his posts about The Global Microbrand (one of which I hope to become) but it's a completely different thing to see myself on his blog roll! Click HERE to see! Fortunately it's alphabetical so I'm pretty high up (early on) in the list. Wow! I'm so proud! I often link to Hugh's fanstastic (and often painful) cartoons but I see I need to get my own blogroll in order starting with myself. The point of this blog was to help sell the art and music at and there isn't even a link there from here! Sheesh! Must git...git...shicka shicka git busy y'all busy y'all busy y'all
73 days baby!


Anonymous said...

You need someone to direct your web business going right... ;-) but I kow this isn't cheap... ;-(
Yes, I often wonder how come you didn't have any link to others bloggers... but, hey... we are all different... and this could be view as a part of you that is... individualist... ;-)) Lucky you who have many commenters... without having to leave your url here and there to be noticed... ;-)
You see... you have it all... !!! ;-))


Anonymous said...

73..congratulations :)

Proud of you dear.

Theresa said...

That's very cool, babe.
We had something like that happen on our blog last year too. The only reason I noticed was because the hits went from 100 a day to 1,500 a day. Ohhh? ... maybe that was my 15 minutes of fame? ... my opportunity to get noticed ... huh?
Don't screw up like me.

jillie said...

Way to go Andy! HHNT to you, Happy New Year and congrats on the 73!!! Keep up the good work xo