Thursday, December 28, 2006

A-lister Redux

HHNT Y'all! Having been linked by A-lister Hugh @ Gaping Void I wanted a suitable cartoon for my previous post. When I saw this one I thought "Hmm, that's exactly the opposite of what I'm experiencing right now." To wit:

So, a little MS Paint later I had this:

There's a much better description of my Half Nekkid state of mind! However, being a mildly scrupulous thief I felt I should ask his permission before posting my hack of his image. To my surprise he answered promptly and nicely, to wit: "Heh. Thanks for asking. I prefer it if people don't change my work, but I never kick up a fuss if they do....Godspeed! -Hugh" WOW! The guy's not only a genius, he's a decent sort as well! Why don't you buy a case of Stormhoek wine and make his day? There's a good lot of bloggy peeps! Your palate will thank you.


Anonymous said...

Happy last of the year HNT!!!
But... this is not telling me which one you prefer... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Happy HNT, Andy! But … did you realize this is not, technically speaking, a photo? :)

Anonymous said...

Way to get a dialog going!

(And wine, what luck!)

jillie said...

Well done Andy...HHNT.

jillie said...

Oh yeah and the So. African wine sounds great right about now too.

Bud said...

You were closed, then I was gone. Now I'm back and so are you! Glad you're still around, Andy. Happy New year.