Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Shameless gank from a photoshop contest at the fabulous FARK. At least I have the decency to credit Farker 'The Voice Of Doom" as the creator. Usually I just steal stuff with wild abandon 'cause that's what us artist types do. The context here (if you care) is that there are people at work who constantly run their mouths and aggravate the living shit out of me either with stupid questions or questions so detailed that I can't begin to even grasp nevermind care about. STFU and GBTW you Newbie MFer! That is all. Today is day 50. I promised I wouldn't count anymore. I lied.


lime said...

add a wallop upside the back of the head just foir good measure

Anonymous said...

nothin wrong w/counting ;)

Anonymous said...

I say keep on counting buddy! You should be proud!