Friday, October 27, 2006

Da Count Friday - Tattoos and Candy Bars

Today's count is for my serenity LOL I'm grateful to have a job, a gym, a band and plan for a new tattoo, a support group to help me not drink and all the things that are making my life an even more beautiful place than it was before. I'm even grateful for the adversity because it makes me stronger. Peace out all. Come see the band tomorrow night it you can at The Grandstand in Croton-On-Hudson NY. See previous post for details. Thanks!


S said...

Have a good time tonight!

lecram sinun said...

Your serenity is indeed a good count. Is that gonna be your new tat? Cool!

Anonymous said...

Happy Count, Andy Doll. You need to come by my site TODAY please sweetie.
Love ya

lime said...

that's a great count, andy. and it's so great to hear you say ALL of it. may all that goodness continue and increase.:)

Stealth said...

Andy that is a great count, you sound wonderful, just the tone of your posts have changed and everything! I like that tattoo

Anonymous said...

Cool tattoo! Looks like the old stone crosses around the Mediterranean.
Serenity is indeed something very valuable to have! Btw, I am playing too.

Have a great weekend!