Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Having stayed up way too late last night getting up this morning was a chore in the extreme.
My sister is in town so hopefully we'll get to visit a bit before I split. So we started doing some James Brown in the band. James used to have a white bass player and when some folks at the Apollo theatre in Harmlem gave him shit about it he said "That ain't no white bass player! That's MY motherfuckin' bass player!" James will always be the man no matter how many times he gets arrested. Can you imagine being James Brown in the joint? It would be like being Elvis. Anyway I want to get up and do my thing. Can I count it off? James has got me in the mood to wear bright colors on stage. Yellow! Red! Green! Silk! Satin! Woot!


ALRO said...

Remember i told you about Tommy Castro !?? He does a cover of "Get up: Get On UP!"

Very well done... and it's a live recording too! i'll send it to you via email!

ALRO said...

i've sent to you "Sex Machine" via email..

Hope it found you well!

lime said...

he is one of a kind, that's for sure. and what memorable tunes!