Monday, October 30, 2006

The best guitarist EVA!

Today's post comes from an overheard comment at the gig on Friday night. I overheard someone saying to his friend (unaware I was listening) "Dude! This guy is the best guitarist I've ever heard!" Now, this brings up all sorts of things. Firstly, what the hell? That's a great feeling. It's nice to be appreciated by strangers. That's why I do what I do! Secondly, good lord man! Where the hell have you BEEN?! Hello? Jimi Hendrix? Stevie Ray Vaughn? Jeff Beck? Jimmy Page? Steve Vai? Eddie Van Halen? Joe Satriani? Just google "greatest guitarist" for a list way too long to print here of who people think are the "greatest guitarist". I presume he meant "the best he'd ever seen in person" and even then, has the man never gone to any shows? Even the notion of "best" or "greatest" guitarist is patently ridiculous desp[ite passionate arguments about this topic in high school. Everyone has a different style, and offers the listener something different. These guys happen to be blues/rock gods. How about classical or jazz? Nevertheless it was a great unsolicited compliment from a stranger that didn't even know I was listening. That's something! MY response? I got on the phone last night and called up a guy I met some months ago who blew me away and scheduled guitar lessons. How's THAT for humility? For anyone keeping score today is my 15th day. Peace all. Thank god no one reads me Monday.


Anonymous said...

I read you, I read you! I'm glad you got the compliment and I'm glad you're going 4 lessons. Now, why exactly did you miss my birthday???

lime said...

i read you too:P

15 days, rock on dude!!

Winterswan said...

Just enjoy the compliment, babe. The beauty of music, as with any art, is in the eyes of the beholder. And, as long as you know you're not the best you can possibly be, you'll always keep growing and getting better!!!! That said, I remember you being pretty damned good...
Lotsa love!

Pyrhonik said...

Music is for so many reasons and to be honest, the best guitarist for me is the one that is playing what I "feel" like hearing at this very moment. So, I listen to absolutely everything and appreciate a long list of guitarists from Liona Boyd, to Max Lasser, to Mark Knopfler, to Randy Rhoads, and to Allison Kraus, and yes indeed to Andy Toomey :)

You have recorded some definite gems. So take the sugars when they come, they're earned.