Thursday, October 26, 2006

HNT Austin / NY Styley!

Well, the pic was taken at the last Gearjammers gig in NY but the hat is ALL Austin Texas baby!
Thanks again to the wonderful and beautiful Spitfire for showing me around and making me watch The Alamo. Great movie! BTW please check out
and leave your comments on the blog/forum. Does it look OK? Anyone with Firefox or other browsers have problems? Does the audio load and sound OK? Any weirdness I should know about? I mean, other than the obvious weirdness of us? We got hired to back up a singer named Curtis Willis, a handsome and talented fellow for a benefit in NYC. Today is 11 days if anyone is counting. BTW the pic is more half naked than it looks. It's like a football shirt so it's mesh. :-) Another thing! The lack of beer had another side effect! I lost 5 pounds! Down to 180! Woot! 5 more pounds to my goal weight! Much love to you all my bloggy peeps. HHNT!


Anonymous said...

Love this picture. Love the 11 days and the shirt and the hat and I use Firefox and no probs at the GearJammers site.
HHNT, babe!

Anonymous said...

11, wow, keep it up!

love the hat, LOVE the mesh shirt


lecram sinun said...

Great shot of you, man! 11 days... keep it going! Cheers and Happy HNT!

Suze said...

Great image and congratulations with the weight loss.

Happy HNT sweetie ;)

wordslut said...

Cute! Ya gotta love mesh.

erika said...

Congrats with lossing weight! It looks like you had a great time!

S said...

Looking good, Andy!!! Very few people can pull off yellow you know!

Congrats on the weight loss!

Michelle said...

I think the mesh shirt is kinda sexy! hehe

and congrats on the weight loss....way to go :) You look great!


lime said...

great pic. and may i should replace the white hat with this new black cowboy hat. loving it. rock on, dude

Stealth said...

ooo cool you wore the hat on stage! You look great and congratulations on 11, Andy. :-)

Leesa said...

Great shot! HHNT ;)

Regal said...

very cool - HHNT

The Lily said...

Congrats on reaching another goal! And football mesh? TOTALLY hot.


Sexy Duet said...

You look great on stage, well done with the weight loss. Happy HNT!


Anonymous said...

Sexy Hat


Sunny Delight said...

likes peeking through all that mesh! HHNT!

ZooooM said...

AWESOME! I haven't been able to comment much lately, I'm wrapping things up at work and just busy. Sounds like the band is doing well. And I hope you are having a good time playing. It seems like you are.

I remember someone interviewing a movie star for some movie years ago - he played a too skinny person. They asked him how he lost his weight, and he said "all I did was quit drinking. Didn't change anything else about my life." When booze is worse than chocolate, life is officially unfair.

Lil Bit said...

Oooo! Excellent. I love hats.
Lookin' good, sweetie.

Happy Belated HNT!