Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Randy Newman Tonight

Going to Carnegie Hall tonight to see Randy Newman. I play Leave Your Hat On a lot. Rehearsal last night went well. We're really getting into it and the dynamic control we were exhibiting gave me wood right away. Playing fast as fuck and vewy vewy quiet is no mean feat. It made me go all Bud Light. "I love you guys!" We had a big discussion about style and image afterwards that went nowhere. RL was complaining that my redneck vision of us as beer drinking, hell raising, skirt chasing, fudge packing motherfuckers might alienate women. That made me laugh. In my experience my bad boy persona more often than not is an attraction rather than a detriment. At any rate he didn't have a better idea and the bass player was like "Who cares?" so until I hear something better it's all "Guns and Guitars, Bikinis and Fast Cars. Get behind the wheel and GO!" Gimme a glazed donut and a bottle of anything to go. Can I get a amen? Halleluiah!


lime said...

LOL, enjoy randy! sounds like great fun.

here's yer glazed donut and a bottle of grape nehi. bwahahaha.

JeannieGrrl said...

Hell it worked for Motley Crue ;)

Stealth said...

Hey Andy :-)


ALRO said...

Give 'em shit at your gig this weekend bro!