Monday, July 17, 2006

Sucky weekend, mutterings and Superman

More unconcious mutterings - click the link to play along.
Video :: killed the radio star
Fantasy :: Football
Homework :: Sucks
Crush :: Orange
Late :: Starter
Husband :: Wife
Soccer :: Mom
Wine :: Cheese
Before :: After
Romantic :: bullshit

I should probably stop posting the answers. It always messes me up when I see someone else's answers first. Oh well. Wear it. The weekend sucked. Many problems with my boat which kept me from sailing even though conditions were PERFECT. *sigh* Suckin. Saw Superman Returns. Save your $20 and rent the video when it comes out next week.


Anonymous said...

But how did the show go, that you played? I'm sure THAT didn't suck?!
When I was a barmaid and I scheduled bands to play, I always gave them free unlimited alcohol all night...I hope you got the same?

lime said...

video: is dead
homework: forgotten
crush: grape
late: always
husband: snore
soccer: ball
wine: roses
before: kids
romantic: dream

sorry the weekend was sucky. hope the weekend goes better

AndyT13 said...

It wasn't great. An old friend showed up and it was great to see him but on the whole no crowd. I finished early and went home. What can I say? The nicest weekend of the summer so far was a total bust.

ZooooM said...

I feel the EXACT same way about Superman. We saw it, and 2 hours in I was fidgity (bad sign for a movie - it's almost a thermometer of movie suckage) and was done.

I'd go on, but others might want to see it and you don't have time for me to angry vent about some film.