Monday, July 17, 2006

Tagged by Lime - 5 things

I consider myself tagged by Lime because, indeed, I have been blogging naked.
Therefore I bring you 5 Things:

5 Things always in my bookbag (which I no longer carry 24/7 since I moved to the 'burbs):
1. Comb
2. Earplugs
3. Cologne
4. Gum
5. Pen

5 Things always in my wallet:
1. License
2. Work ID
3. Several Credit Cards
4. Marina ID/key
5. Money (usually)

5 Things always in my refrigerator:
1. Air
2. Water
3. Cheese
4. Eggs
5. Frank's Red Hot hotsauce

5 Things always in my closet:
1. Several suitcases
2. Laundry basket full of clean bed linens
3. Clothes I don't wear
4. Clothes I DO wear (when and if I put them away)
5. Tie and belt rack

5 Things always in my car:
1. Trash
2. Various yachting crap
3. Change
4. Gum (I first typed 'gun' - no such luck)
5. Various tools

5 Things always on my (work) desk:
1. Computer
2. Phone
3. Coffee cup
4. Various snack foods
5. Water ring from my drinks

5 People to tag:
Ah, do it if ya wanna.


Anonymous said...

"5 people to tag..." this is whyI think you're awesome, A.--your entirely laid back attitude. LOL.

Lori Stewart Weidert said...

If Momo and I drop in for breakfast, it's good to know that there's a hot-sauce omelet and a glass of water waiting for us.

AndyT13 said...

Haha! Did I neglect to mention beer? Actually there's rarely beer in there for long since I drink it so damned quick. If you DO come visit I'll be sure and stock something women would find edible. Besides me I mean.

Green Eyes said...

You'd better save me a beer or two! Air's always a good thing to have in your fridge, more people should learn to appreciate this! lol

lime said...

hehehehe, thanks. i don't like to name ppl so i wondered if anyone would take up my smart alecky excuse for a non-tag. fun lists:)

Stephanie said...

Um ... do you have to keep the Frank's in the fridge?? Cuz I don't .. oopps.

ZooooM said...

"I first typed 'gun' - no such luck"

LOL!! btw, thanks for the link and the intel on the minty goodness!