Wednesday, July 26, 2006


A new free association thing from LunaNina:
Requirements :: Document
Pizza :: Delivery
Dating :: Sucks
Issue :: Resolution
Sharp :: Dressed man
Distinguish :: Differences
Remote :: Control
Felony :: Murder
Exercise :: Regimen
Choose :: Life

I see from my responses a strong corporate QA mentality and that pro-life slogan works.
Want to play? Leave yours in the comments or tell me you played on your blog and I'll visit.
Also, it seems Velma was the only one who took my photoshop challenge and it's hysterical.


Green Eyes said...

Requirements: Must
Pizza: Delivery
Dating: Game
Issue: Problem
Sharp: Scissors
Distinguish: Grey Hair
Remote: Control
Felony: Crime
Exercise: Bike
Choose: Me

MG said...

Requirements :: None
Pizza :: Yum
Dating :: Eww
Issue :: Lots
Sharp :: Pain
Distinguish :: Between
Remote :: Control
Felony :: Misdemeanor
Exercise :: Routine
Choose :: Me

And you're right, her pic is so very creative.

MG said...

looks like green eyes and I have a couple similarities... hmmm..

lime said...

requirements: negotiable
pizza: toppings
dating: game
issue: forth
sharp: mind
distinguish: gentleman
remote: island
felony: offense
exercise: choices
choose: well

Anonymous said...

Requirements: smart, funny, attractive.
Pizza: no, thanks.
Dating: people.
Issue: Tissue.
Sharp: knife.
Distinguish: yourself.
Remote: possibility.
Felony: crime.
Exercise: rocks.
Choose: safe.

.- said...

what? you don't like having your own planet?
as for your mutterings - zowie
sharped dressed man and murder -
I'm thinking of a Fred McMurray movie....