Saturday, July 22, 2006

Saturday, Saturday

Well for a change I thought I'd take my own advice and quit my bitchin. So with that I welcome you to Camp Quitchabitchin. There will be no more posts about wee, wee, wee how bummed I am and oh my broken heart. Instead I will offer only bright, airey and good karmic posts. Yeah. And then I woke up. Anyway, for better or worse I'm in a good mood today having gone out last night and partied like it was 1999 AGAIN. At least this morning I woke up in a comfortable bed and not on a picnic table and IT WAS IN FACT SATURDAY this time. Phew! The pic is no one I know, just a random sexy redhead alien/matrix style woman's pic that I found on google images under a search for "Saturday" Make of her what you will. Consider that a photoshop challenge.


.- said...

WHAT?! you wouldn't post a random photo of me?
I'm crushed.
Camp Quitchabitchin challenged - but crushed.

The Melody Censor said...

Love that picture! - I think it's perfect the way it is lol!
I'm glad to hear you are feeling fine this lovely Saturday!

Anonymous said...

hehehe nice picture. Glad you had a good sleep.

lime said...

glad you didn't wake up on the picnic table again. i had a crick in my neck just thinkin about it.

Green Eyes said...

Glad you're doing better, at least for today! I'm with Tragic, at first I thought she was from your present or past. lol

AndyT13 said...

From the future more like. From the looks of it anyway. Beam me up Scotty.

Lori Stewart Weidert said...

Let's see...your head, her body.. yessssss Photoshop Game ON!