Friday, July 21, 2006

FOAD Friday

Yes, it's Fuck Off And Die Friday. I awoke at about 6 AM this morning on a picnic table at my yacht club. Oh dear. "Woke up in my clothes again this morning. Don't know exactly where I am." OK, so I bicycled home brutal uphill all the way and collapsed into bed. I awoke again at 10 AM secure in the knowledge that it was Saturday. Wait... no it's not. Crap! So it was a rough start to the day. That said I'm in the mood for another hot meme. Thanks Velma.
Have you ever.....
Gotten stuck in an elevator? No, but nearly did.
Egged a person? A house on halloween, got caught and brought to the police station. Oops.
Stalked someone to find out where they work or live? Yes.
Spent an entire day in nothing but your underwear? Absolutely but prefer nekkid.
Read some friends mail or other personal papers without them knowing? No.
Gone skinny dipping? Yes!
Been in a fist fight? Pfft. Many. Never lost. I did lose a boxing match once. Damn no feet rule.
Lasts....Time you tripped? What on acid? Nunya bizness. Over my feet? Rarely.
Time you cleaned up the base of your toilet? Um, never. I have a maid.
Gum you had? Glock 9 mm. Oh, gum? Big Red
Pair of socks? WTF? White tube sox. I own like 50 pairs so I always match.
Beverage you had? Coffee. Before that beer.
Spur of the moment decision you made? To go out last night.
Movie you watched? Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Fun!
What would you.....Say if your best friend told you they love you? "You can't have my bud light."
Right now.....What are you wearing? Jeans and a t-shirt as usual
What are you thinking? About sex as usual
What are you listening to? Silence. My computer's hum.
What would you like to be listening to? My lover's cries of ecstasy.
Are you annoyed by the length of this survey? A little
Are you tired? Yes indeed.
How many people in the room? 8 all silent in their cubes
Any cuts or bruises on your body? I always have some sort of inexplicable injury.
Are there any animals in the room? Just me
Are you eating anything? No
People who I would like to do this? I don’t tag, so if you like it, do it.


Madame X said...

I seem to recall an HNT with you wearing nothing but your white tube socks...

AndyT13 said...

And my bass guitar of course. I really wanted to take the socks off too but I couldn't figure out how to do it without losing my place in the song.

Lee Ann said...

Wow, that is awesome, I am chewing Big Red RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE!

lime said...

lol, helluva place to wake up. and i like the sound you want to be hearing right now. works for me. i'll prolly bogart this since next week looks to be utterly insane for me and i can crank out my standadard smart ass style answers with little thought

DaMasta said...

hiya hunny!
i really have to link you on mah blog.. i haven't been bloggin much, but i sure do miss u. and i might to the tag. yay.


.- said...

NEVER lost a fist fight?
now if you ask did I ever lost the race down the department store aisle for that last pair of 71/2 amalfi's on sale ....