Monday, July 31, 2006

Musical Monday!

Check out TRICIA'S MUSICAL MONDAY featuring...ME!
I like that she's fantasizing that the song is about her. An artist wants his creations to speak to each person as if it were their own. Besides, she IS wonderful and fabulous.

I'm playing the following dates next week:
Sunday Aug 6th @ The Grandstand 7PM
197 Grand St Croton-on-Hudson NY 914-271-8033
Thursday Aug 10th @ Justin Thyme Cafe 8 PM
171 Grand St Croton-on-Hudson NY 914-271-0022

Weekend recap: Got on the plane to VA after taking a Xanax with coffee and Kahlua. Next thing i knew I was in VA although I was pretty out of it. Had breakfast with the folks and visited Dad in the hospital. He got a new knee! It's amazing what they can do these days. Hung out, looked at photos, had a nap, went for dinner, then out dancing with sis and her boyfriend. Weird mix of people at The Sunny Day Cafe. The under 21's were everywhere and all the 20 something guys were mackin' on 'em hard. Then there were the fat ugly middle aged people (like me). Eh, I had fun drinking and dancing. By the end of the night I was shot. It was an expensive weekend. Anyway got home Sunday, slept 4 hours, then down to the boat club for BBQ. Brought my guitar and led a spirited singalong which was good fun. Now back at work. Poo.


MG said...

Xanax, Coffee and Kahlua, hmmm....

drinking and dancing, always fun.

glad you had a good time.

Green Eyes said...

Now that's a full weekend! Glad you had fun!

ZooooM said...

I fly with Xanax too. Although I've never been brave enough to mix it with booze. Glad you had a good time!

.- said...


shut up
you are not fat or ulgy
and being a few years older than you I take exception to the term MIDDLE AGE


lime said...

love the picture! glad the weekend went well and who wouldn't enjoy her sort of praise. wowzer!

T - Another Geek Girl said...

Oh sweetie, I also like to think that Van Morrison wrote Crazy Love for me. It's a girl thing.

Every song conjures a vision in the listeners mind. That's just what I see. And I do love that song so much! It's wonderful, as are you! Thanks so much for giving me permission to share it-- however we should link it to your file, castpost sucks. I hate to think that some folks might be missing out on this incredible piece.

Lime, you are the wowzer! I want to write a song about you gorgeous!