Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Last post lost

Well I dunno what happened. I posted a lengthy and fascinating meme and post but it seems to have disappeared completely. Further fucked-up-ness from Google based Blogger. ANyway, the gig went great! Wait until I post the audio for you! Wow! The studio session have been going well.
I'm on schedule and on budget still although just barely. The bad news is I succumbed to yet another cold. Fuck's SAKE! I've been sick like 5 of the last 8 weeks. That Ain't Right. MOre tomorrow. Back to bed now.


lime said...

glad the recording is going well. feel better soon

Dallas Meow said...

[now i'm gonna sound like your mom]
vitamin c and all that jazz dude when you're under extra stress.
colds still come and go but even one day less - I favor the strips that dissolve on your tongue, even though they might advertise for cough. They clear the head and don't have to stay in like a lozenge.
I look forward to the audio.