Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Gearjammers First Gig!

Sat Sept 23d @ The Grandstand

197 Grand Street Croton-On-Hudson NY 10520 914-271-8033

Poster courtesy or R.L. Fisher (our drummer!)


MG said...

btw, i loved the mouth/mic pic, I know I'm late in telling you that, but... well... I've been slipping lately ;)

Anonymous said...

... and I`m still waiting to get an answer to my request about that pic..... ;-(((

erika said...

Break a leg!

Anonymous said...

nice poster. I'd come up but I'm otherwise indisposed this weekend...;-))

lime said...

love the poster. rock on!

Pyrhonik said...

You're nailing this one down!

I really wish that I could be there.

I hope you rock the house down!