Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Jimi Hendrix 1942-1970

When I first heard Jimi Hendrix I was expecting a life altering experience. I didn't really get it at first. I mean, I liked the music, but I didn't really understand it. It took me years to fully appreciate what a true genius the guy was. Besides being a peerless guitarist he was also a master songwriter and lyricist, a recording studio wizard, and he reportedly had a huge cock. The price for these gifts was apparently a very short and troubled life. Reports of alcoholic rages, rampant drug abuse and sexual conquest are doubtless understated. I once got to smoke a joint with Noel Redding (bassist of The Experience) who said that Hendrix was the nicest most humble and laid back guy he'd ever met. That doesn't surprise me a bit. At any rate eventually the guy changed my life. Everything I need to know about playing the guitar I learned from Jimi Hendrix or guys that he taught. So Jimi, wherever you are, here's to you man.


lime said...

very cool post.

my odd connection to him started many years ago when i woke from surgery knowing i had to puke and not being able to move speak or open my eyes. i was thinking...hhm, so this is how it ends. i'm gonna choke to death on my own vomit like jimi hendrix.

Stealth said...

lime, you have the same morbid thoughts as me...lmao!

I was just going to say I had that picture once. :-)