Monday, September 18, 2006

A Dirrrrrrrty Bit O' Cheating

We got hosed by cheaters. If the only way you can win is by cheating then you really need a life. Really. First we had Saturday's rule breaker and then on Sunday another boat intentionally hit us. They endangered both crews and both boats. To win. The prize? Towels. Yes, towels. Towels with "_ _ _ yacht club regatta 1st place" on them. Not even enough towels for the whole crew. So many rules were broken I can't even count but they got someone else to back up their bullshit story of what happened and thus they protested and got us disqualified.
We went from a certain 2nd place or a possible first place to "also ran". I've never seen such bad behavior on a race course. It's supposed to be a gentleman's sport. If you break a rule and no one sees you're supposed to do your penalty turn anyway. It's like cheating at golf or solitaire. How stupid and pathetic is that? They are deserving only of pity. How sad.


lime said...

how doesd anyone truly enjoy a win when it was not acheived on the upright? pitiful.

Lori Stewart Weidert said...

those dawgs.

Anonymous said...

Oh Man! Life isn't fair.

We were sailing on Sat. We got caught in the middle of a race as well. Loved watching them fly past us. Beautiful.

Stealth said...

yes py there is one

that is like freaky reality show shit.