Saturday, January 14, 2006


Owls and Eagles and Falcons, oh my! Here I am with Athena the Banded Owl. Her name was Mercury until she laid an egg. Apparently these critters can be hard to sex. (Insert joke here) Tonight was my Intro to Raptor Handling class at Teatown Lake Reservation. Absolutely AWESOME!!! We learned a lot about raptors, which are birds that seize their prey with their talons. The woman, Deanna, who took this pitcure for me said I looked "noble". I want a new tattoo for the bare right arm. This bird and I had an instant connection. She liked me and said so with her eyes. The handlers expressed surprise that I knew so much about the birds and asked me if I'd handled before. In my usual fashion I studied up quite a bit and used the terminology comfortably. Even so I learned quite a bit and took extensive notes. I plan to join the club and undergo the complex training involved in maintaining these beautiful creatures. It requires a one year, once a week, commitment. I'm ready. What is it with me and commitment lately? Athena is the only bird that wasn't injured. She was an illegal pet seizure. (Insert joke here) Raptors are extensively protected and regulated at the federal and local levels. To quote Strongbad "I've a passing interest in falconry." Actually hunting with these beautiful animals must be quite an experience. I may go on a hunt. These guys don't do that. They're strictly preservation. I'm generally opposed to hunting with a gun but this is something else again. An ancient skill like sailing that must be preserved. I visited Gala today and did some work on her. Very much looking forward to the sailing season. In other unrelated news I dreamed last night that my future wife and I had twin girls and their names were Stasha and Tasha. That is Anastasia and Natasha. Good dream. Things are going well. I thank God. I look forward to church tomorrow.


Terry aka LadyDweez said...

Yes, owls,and eagles and falcons OH MY!!

You look very comfortable with this magnificent creatue.

Glad to hear there was no need for iodine!!

Bougie Black Boy said...

Great pic and write up. So, I think you need your own flock of birds now. Andy, The BirdMan of New York.

gigi said...


That is the COOLEST thing!
You look like you should always have a great bird on your arm.

Imagine going to the A & P?
The bird can fly over the heads of the other customers and get the choicest cuts of meat...

Glad you're doing well!

I've sent you some email's so you can find me!

Laurie said...

Awesome!!! You DO look like a natural with that bird.

I never knew that they were called "raptors"; is that because of the theory that birds are descendants of dinosaurs?

AndyT13 said...

LD - Yes I'm glad they didn't claw my eyes out too!
Stephen - LOL! Birdman! That's me! LOVE LOVE LOVE the new profile pic! You studly thug, you!
G - Glad you're back! I was worried. I'm still dying to get the scoop.
L- Raptors from the latin word raptore meaning to seiaze with the claws. Dinos named for that too. Also the root word for rape.

Lori Stewart Weidert said...

Great picture. Beautiful little owl.

We have a wooded area in the back of our property at work, and this summer a hawk nested in a tree at the edge, where we could all watch her & babies as they progressed. Every window-sill had binoculars on it, and we were never too busy to check them out.

Once they got old enough they'd roost on top the building. As I left work one day, Mama flew over me with a snake in her mouth (glad she didn't drop it!) and I got to watch the babies fight over it and gobble it down.

It's been fun to watch them, must be even cooler to actually play and "communicate" with them.

Blondie... said...

That has to be so amazing...

BTW, Castaway was a GREAT song!

ZooooM said...

OH MY GOODNESS! We have a white owl living in the palm tree outside...and he/she flys at night chirping. Mr. Zoom and I love to watch it fly around. SOOO COOL!

clew said...

Cool pic. Owls are my favorite. :)

I'm going to snoop through your blog some more, since I just got here and all. ;D

Tish said...

Very nice photo. I think owls are absolutely beautiful!