Saturday, January 07, 2006

More new songs

I'm really happy with the way Castaway came out.
Pictures To Prove It
Brenda's Song -
You Back Down
Fiddler's Green
C'est Fini
Much love to you my friends and thanks for listening. Please vote for your favorite.
Anyone have any thoughts on song order for the full CD? More to come...


Shauna said...

I can't choose a favourite!!! Maybe Castaway?

ZooooM said...

I'm still listening to them. I have zero ability to sit still, so it's not a reflections of your music. It's just that I'm running here and there, and Mr. Zoom and I are currently sharing one computer in the house.

So I'll take some more time to lsiten to them.

Bougie Black Boy said...

woo hoo! uhm... i want a full CD!!!sell me one!

Chickie said...

"You Back Down" has been running through my head for a couple of days now!

Lori Stewart Weidert said...

I love every aspect of Fiddler's Green.

AndyT13 said...

Flygirl - I like that one a lot too.
Zoomy - no rush.
SEJ - happy to oblige. I'll let ya know.
Chickie - I want to work on that arrangement. It's a tiny bit too long.
GNG - I get chills when I hear that because of the sincereity of the sadness. There's no veil, it's completely direct.
That's probably the best on that score.

Tonight I audition for 3 months in China. Wish me luck. There's other news but I'll blog that later. Cheers!

Bougie Black Boy said...

we want an update of your audition

Robin said...

Okies -- as a songwriter I have to say that the hook in Pictures to Prove It is very memorable and catchy.
It's got a Stones feel, ya know?

Is it my favorite? I dunno... I've only gotten down to Fiddler's Green so far. I've got two more. But thus far it is my favorite.