Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Verizon Sucks

I have Verizon DSL. (Insert Rasberry Sound here). Now the access speed and such is OK, BUT, whenever there's a bad storm my router and Modem get reset and I have to call tech support. Being a disorganized fellow I can never find the directions to fix this that I wrote down LAST time OR the phone number I need to call to get it. So I have to call customer support because NOWHERE ON THEIR FUCKING WEBSITE IS THE ACTUAL TECH SUPPORT NUMBER I NEED! So I have to sit through an hour of automated awfulness to be hung up on at least twice everytime I call to get it. So I've been down for a week but of course I'll have to pay for the whole month. I'm in the tech biz. They should be able to fix this remotely from an email request from another location. "Oh you're down? Let me reset that for you. *click* Done!" But no. While I'm on the subject, their wireless service blows too. Oh it worked great in Manhattan (unless there was an actual emergency) but here in bumblefuck Westchester I drop every call I make or recieve at least once. If I walk from the cab to the curb forget about it.
They said it was my $30 phone (the one that worked like a charm in the city). Next cheapest phone? $250. "WHAT?!?!" "We promise the service will be better AND only $50 for the phone if you sign this two year contract." I'm desperate. I sign. Service is worse than ever. In summary VERIZON CAN SUCK MY BALLS and as soon as the contract is up I will ditch their slimy company and never use their services again just like I did with Sprint. You may say that has no effect but you know what? If every customer they fuck does that they will soon have no business. So fuck them running. Bah. Rant mode off.


Dzesika said...

Sorry to hear it ... sounds a lot like my experience with NTL (NThell?) here in the UK.

But very proud of you and recovery and coping and all that good stuff. I think it gets better - at least I'm hanging in there in the hope that it does ...

Theresa said...

I love reading a good rant with my morning coffee. Gets my blood moving, and it's a hellofa lot more fun than jogging!
Well done!!!

Robin said...

I love a good rant, Andy.

I promise I haven't forgotten that you wanted to hear about my songwriting. I will pen it soon, I promise.

Lori Stewart Weidert said...

Sigh. I've always been thrilled with Verizon, but I'm blessed to be able to do through a locally-owned home stereo company called Good Vibes; the employees there have some sort of "in" with the upper echelon at Verizon, and they kiss their customer's butts-es, and we keep coming back. They even got Verizon to reimburse all of my long-distance and roaming fees the month my father died, can you believe that?!! Well, it's more of a testimonial to GoodVibes, I guess.

It sucks to work with sucking companies though! Get 'em, Andy!