Friday, January 06, 2006

Avast! Shanghaied!

Well, I'm auditioning Sunday here in New York for a 3 month residence at The House Of Blues.
In ShangHai China as a bass player for a funk/blues band. The Details: Carlton Smith at The House of Blues Shanghai - 6 nights a week (monday's off) - 3 45-minute sets a night - standard funk & blues. James brown, brick house, mustang sally, etc... $600 US per week, cash. A little more than half what I'd make at my current job. My own hotel room and travel accomodations, all expenses paid. March 1st - May 30th. They have to decide by next week. I sense a whirlwind brewing. I wonder if I can ride it? I'd be in Shanghai on my birthday Mar. 1st. In fact, if I have this right, my birthday will be 36 hours long. It would be a 12 hour journey during which I gain 12 hours. I'd leave at 8 AM and arrive in China at 8AM the same day. Weird. Wish me luck. That would certainly take my mind off my current problems. I know a little Chinese. That'd improve it quick. Ni hao Shang Hai! BTW I added two new songs to the 4 already in Monday's post below.


Just Brian said...

I wish you well with the audition. I have rapidly come to realise you have a lot of diversity in you playing style. I would dig to hear more of your Bluesy stuff.

lime said...

ni hao ma? wo hao, xie xie.

well hey, sounds liek a wild ride. it may be half the pay youcurrently generate but the living expenses between NYC and shang hai i think are significantly different, especially if they are providing your housing and transportation!

best of luck to you!

i'll have to check the songs later as i have to be runnign now, but i look forward to it.

Chickie said...

Ooooh! Good good luck!

And a 36 hour birthday? I think that calls for an extraspecial celebration.

Lori Stewart Weidert said...

It sounds like a hell of an opportunity. My son's birthday is March 2. He's going to be 20 this year. Auuuuuuuuurghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I hope you get to go, and you keep us posted, so I can live vicariously through ShangHai Andy.

Lee Ann said...

Good luck, sounds like an opportunity of a life time.
Keep us posted!

ell said...

break a leg andy! let us know how it goes.

Bougie Black Boy said...

My philosphy is--sometimes all we need is our faith in ourselves that things will turn out great. Seems like you're heading in the right direction.