Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Another meme going around

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I've seen this around but it was MG who inspired me to actually do it.
I SAID: Bud Light (OK, water dammit).
I WANT: the love of my life to marry me.
I WISH: She was here right now.
I HATE: It when she's gone.
I MISS: Her.
I FEAR: nothing.
I HEAR: God speak to me out on the ocean.
I WONDER: about the future a lot.
I REGRET: nothing.
I AM NOT: a number.
I DANCE: as often as possible.
I SING: for money and for love.
I CRY: seldom but when I do I cry HARD.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: great, but sometimes I am.
I MADE: a mess of past relationships but no more.
I WRITE: books, movies, music, poetry and lyrics.
I CONFUSE: "normal" people a lot.
I NEED: more discipline.
I SHOULD: go to the gym more often.
I START: new projects way too often.
I FINISH: what I start but sometimes it takes me a while.


MG said...

regretting nothing, must feel great... :)

AndyT13 said...

Regret is wasted. The past is gone. There are many things in my life I would do differently if I could but since I can't what's the point of feeling bad about it? All you can do is learn from your mistakes and move on.

lime said...

I LIKE: what you did with this meme ;)