Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wonderful Wednesday

What's so wonderful about it you ask? Well it's my baby's birthday and Aruba is calling. This pic is from Miami but soon, yes, soon I shall be parked on a beach in Aruba with a drink in my hand, my toes in the sand and WOW! What a beautiful girl, ah yeah! A trip to Aruba is a nice birthday present, no? Apparently we've both been good. Aruba! In other news, lots to do. Boat work, novel editing, movie editing, music editing, editing editing editing. Blah. Nevertheless, I must finish what I started ere I start anything new or I'll never finish anything. Aruba! Woot!


blair said...

Wow! That is one helluva picture.
I could really use some palm trees right about now. The stress of working for three months straight with no vacation is killing me. And my last vacation was to Las Vegas and that was such a party I could have used a vacation after that. But Aruba, yeah that sounds good. Pass the margarita baby!


Lee Ann said...

I used to live in South Florida, that is beautiful!

Winterswan said...

Ah, my neck of the woods. But you guys never come to visit me!!!