Friday, March 24, 2006

Serious Wood, Sport!

Um...I mean fiberglass. Serious fibreglass. Every time I see pictures like this my blood races. I'm trying like mad to get on a bunch of long distance ocean races this year. I'm aching for that deep blue water. As I'm packing for Aruba I'm already thinking about taking the first week of May and flying to Antigua for race week there. It's getting hard to balance "real" life with sailing life.
Uh-oh. I've started putting quotes around the "real". That can't be good. :-) Sorry for the lame HNT this week. I thought he was really good looking but he got mixed reviews and now that I look again maybe not so much.


henri Banks said...

i want to go to to Aruba :-(

ell said...

hey andy, how ya been? going to aruba? you lucky stiff - have a great time!

lime said...

have a great time! that pic does have an exciting quality to it, even for me as a land lubber

blair said...

Aruba sounds pretty good right now! You have totally motivated me to make some vacation plans. Perhaps I will set sail somewhere in the Carribean??


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