Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

St. Valentine baptizing Lucilla by Jacopo Bassano - It seems fine art and Catholicism are colliding on my blog lately. Little known facts about St. Valentine: There were 3 different ones. An Irish one, a German/Franco one was the patron St. of epileptics, and an African one that no one seems to know much about. Anyway, the Irish one seems to be the one m9ost people know about and anyway that first link has the most info about Valentine's day, for all you uninterested parties. I missed church on Sunday but not for lack of trying. It snowed like heck and we showed up but no one was there. Only after we had gone shopping and come home did we realize they had moved the service from 5PM to 6PM. Oops. It was an honest mistake. I think God understands. Go visit Bougie and C1 for an interesting debate on race, sex and other hot topics. Don't forget to chime right in with your bad self.


Lori Stewart Weidert said...

Happy Valentines Day, Andy!

Poor guy battling the storm to get to church early. I, for one, am banking on an understanding God...and I pray he has a good sense of humor too, or I am in bigbig trouble!

ell said...

happy valentine's day andy! hope you had a good one.

Robin said...

That is a gorgeous painting. It gave me goosey bumps.

I don't know HOW your link got lost on my blog, but I will get it fixed, pronto. You should totally be on there. I thought you were? Weird.

Theresa said...

Beautiful painting.

I have to tell you that your comment on Stephen's latest post knocked me on my ass. Brilliant, articulate and to my heart! The more I know you, the more you amaze and impress me.

I also checked out the antifeminist link ... as dreadful as you suggested.